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Twink Conklin


Twink Conklin is a fifth-generation native of Colorado and comes from a family that has produced 25 Barber Stylists. Twink graduated from Englewood Beauty College in 1977, as a licensed Cosmetologist. Since that time she has studied the Sebastian Hair Care System, the Tony & Guy (TIGI) System, Mastey, and Keune. Over the years, she has held the position of Styling Director in her father's hair salon's as well as operating her own styling business,"Twink's Star Cuts". For 38 years, Twink has owned, and to this day is still operating "Twink's Star Cuts".

In 1993, she suffered a serious staph infection that she battled over the course of two and a half years. Modern medicine failed her, but she was finally able to defeat the infection through natural medicine. As a result, she pursues a variety of natural medicine disciplines since 1995.

Twink's grandmother, a registered nurse who cared for private patients in Denver Hospitals, always encouraged her to consider the Medical profession.

Twink became a Certified Iridologist through the Universal School of Medicine for Natural Living and she studied Herbology. She is also certified in Aromatherapy. As an Iridologist, she analyzes the configurations and colors of the iris of the eye and provides recommendations to her clients to initiate natural regimens, including herbal applications and Aromatherapy with essential oils.

Soothers was founded with the objective of helping those who choose the natural means to good health. We feel that this has fulfilled her grandmother's heritage by achieving the ability to help others.

Twink developed all the Soothers formulas herself; they are handcrafted by a caring, healing professional, right in her own test kitchen made in Englewood, Colorado. Everything is formulated with natural ingredients. All our Products are in concentrated formulas so that you do not need to use much, and the products last longer. The formulations of all creams and oils can be used almost anywhere on the body. We test them on ourselves. All creams and oil products can be applied on skin, feet, hands, face, and meridians. 

Her Iridology clients were the first to try out her products. Her clients were so delighted with the results that they repeatedly urged her to make her products available to the public for those seeking alternative regimens. Today, her products are available to you to soothe and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit.


Soothers features aromatherapy all-natural essential oils, and herbal remedy products to soothe and rejuvenate. Essential oils can be an alternative solution for sore muscles, headaches, minor injuries, dry skin, fatigue, nervous tension, and insomnia. Following is a partial list of products. Contact us to find out more.

Tea - Contact Us in Englewood, Colorado, for Hair Care Services, Aromatherapy, Iridology, Essential Oils, Teas, Herbs, and Naturopathic Products.

Essential Oil and Cream Products:

·         Back and Neck Pain

·         Boils

·         Bruise

·         Breath-EZ

·         Body Cream & Lotion

·         PMS

·         Snoring

·         Itchy Skin

·         Headahe

·         Muscle Spasms

·         Hot-Flash

·         Joint Soothe

·         Nite-Nite

·         Sciatic

·         Scars

·         Blemishes

·         Sniffles Cold and Cough

·         Varicosity

·         Warts

·         Smoother Skin Cream

      and More... 

100 % Pure Essential Oils:

·         Anise Seed

·         Cedarwood

·         Cinnamon

·         Citronella

·         Clove

·         Eucalyptus

·         Geranium

·         Grapefruit

·         Lavender

·         Lemongrass

·         Lime

·         Orange

·         Patchouli

·         Peppermint

·         Pine

·         Rosemary

·         Sage

·         Tea Tree

·         Wintergreen

·         Ylang Ylang
and More...

Take care and caution with all products. Do not apply to eyes, or swallow them. Essential oils should never be ingested unless advised by a doctor or aromatherapist. Test on inside of elbow or behind earlobe for 24 hours. If you experience an allergic reaction, discontinue use.  They are absorbed through the skin by osmosis. We are dedicated to serving our customers’ needs and strive to bring you the best in quality products. If there is something we can formulate for you specifically, we do make special orders. Contact us in Englewood, Colorado, for aromatherapy, essential oils, teas, herbs, and natural healing products!

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