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We work very hard to find the essential oils that support your
emotional well being--essential oils selected just for you that will lift
your spirits, generate enthusiasm, energy, joy, well-being, and peace.

The human sense of smell is amazing.  It has been observed that certain aromas actually
affect mental, emotional, and physical health.  Used correctly, essential oils can combat
stress, ease pain, and alleviate tension.  The positive effects of certain olfactory stimulants
have been shown to bring about measurable positive effects on the limbic system and the
brain—the seat of memory and emotion. Essential Oils have amazing healing properties
and are absorbed both by smell and osmosis* when applied on the skin.

(Some essential oils formulated for emotional support may not 
smell good, but their purpose is to affect and support the emotions.)

*osmosis: the diffusion or spreading of
molecules across and through a semi - permeable membrane.



In order to choose the most appropriate Bach Flower Remedy for you, please pinpoint
how you are feeling. Then we can match the appropriate Bach remedy to that emotion.

Sometimes we all find it difficult to be honest with ourselves. Few of us want to be seen as
jealous or over-protective, but once we have admitted to how we feel, we are halfway
towards balancing
that emotion. So, if you have trouble working out your emotions,
we help you simplify the process by finding the right Bach Remedies.

I offer to help you become more emotionally balanced. 
You can make an appointment for a Bach Remedy Analysis.


"Twink Conklin is the most compassionate, insightful and deeply committed healer
I’ve ever met.  She can get to the heart of a health issue quite easily and is also
a wonderful teacher.  She’s a wonderful Bach Flower Essence Remedies
therapist too, the best I’ve met within my thirty years of healing and she’s the first
person I turn to when I have a health issue of any kind.  I highly recommend her to
anyone who needs healing, in any way, and on any level.  She’s truly a blessing."

Teri Enroughty
Reiki Teacher, Bach Remedies Therapist and Natural Medical Intuitive.


I will work with you to find the herbal supplements that support your cellular
repair and that will help generate healing, energy, and robust good health.

Do you have tons of leftover supplements?

I have helped many people who have accumulated dozens of herbs and
herbal supplements over the years, without knowing what to do with them.
By analyziing their symptoms, we were able to help them apply
those supplemtns to a regimen for cellular repair.




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(Essential Oils, Bach Remedies or Herbal supplements are not included in price of sessions.)
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