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Soothers offers natural holistic remedies for those who want to achieve and 
maintain good health. Soothers can formulate a special blend just for you.


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Remedy Essential oil Blends.

Extra Strength Remedy Essential Oils Cream and Oil Blends
Our cream and oil blends are great for arthritis, bruises, dry sensitive skin,
neck and back pain, psoriasis, scars, warts, wrinkles, PMS, hot flashes, colds, coughs,varicose veins, sinus congestion, sciatic pain, nails, cuticles, sports
pain, acne, and more.  The oil blends are beneficial and effective for massages.

Aroma Spray Mists have been proven to affect mental, emotional, and physical health.

Aroma Spray Mists 
Helps soothe and rejuvenate mind, body, and spirit. Essential oil aromas
have been proven to affect mental, emotional, and physical health. 
Essential oil aromas can combat stress, ease pain, and alleviate tension.

Green Air Diffusers

Green Air Diffusers introduce a spa-like atmosphere into your home.
The Essential oil is converted into micro-fine particles and is diffused
into the air. Inhaling the essential oil mists helps the “limbic system”
respond to it with feelings of relaxation, pleasure, happiness, a
sense of well-being, and much more.

Emotional Support Oils Emotional Support Oils
Essential oils formulated for emotional support may not smell
pleasant, but their purpose is to affect and support the emotions.
Personal Portable Essential Oil Diffuser Personal Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
Place it in your car where the sun can diffuse the aroma of your selected essential oil.  Place it in your bathroom or kitchen to hide offensive odors.
Our diffuser oils are concentrated to use in diffusers or in the Bath.
Diffuser Oils
100% pure full-strength Essential Oils made for diffusing.
Place 4 to 6 drops in a diffuser and let the aroma fill the room. 

All natural healing salve. Healing Salve 
Naturally heals cuts, scrapes, bumps, and insect bites.
Contains essential oils. Gentle enough for children.
Lip Plus Sticks

Lip Plus Sticks
Protect against dry, cracked, chapped lips. Contains
chamomile, lavender, and helichrysum.

All natural salve made very delicately for Dogs, Cats, and Horses. Healing Salve For Pets 
"Your Pet's best Friend!"  Healing for cuts, scrapes, dry or cracked
skin, bumps, bruises and insect bites (for dogs, cats, or horses).
Lavender Plus Stick

Lavender Plus Stick
Protection by means of lavender, chamomile and helichrysum essential oils.

All of our Teas are made with the best quality of 100% Organic Natural Fresh Dried Herbs. Herbal Teas
All of our teas are made with the best 100% fresh organic dried herbs.

Our Herbal Soakers are soothing.

Bath Soakers
Bath s
oakers come in a large tea bags full of fresh
organic herbs and essential oils and Dead Sea Salts. 


Our glycerin soaps are made with essential oils, Vitamin E, Shea Butter, coconut oil, and palm oil, and are beneficial for very sensitive skin. Our exfoliating soaps have poppy seeds for natural exfoliation. 

Aromatherapy essential oil kits make great gifts too.
Aromatherapy Workshop Class is Great Fun!

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Kits

A Great Gift!  Three different Aromatherapy Kits with everything
you need.  100% pure essential oils, 100% pure carrier oils,
bottles, pipettes, and essential oil recipe Information card. 

A tincture is a concentrated extract which is equivalent to an 8-ounce cup of tea.

Extract Tinctures
An herbal tincture is a concentrated extract in liquid form.  A teaspoon
of herbal tincture provides an intensity equivalent to an 8-ounce cup of
herbal tea.  Tinctures are easy to take in juice, tea, or water.  Our tinctures
are presented in a solution of 25% alcohol or glycerine, and water.


Colloidal silver a natural antibiotic made in salve form.
Natural antibiotic, antiviral and antiseptic.  (500 ppm) Can be diluted with purified or distilled water.

Colloidal Silver Salve
Contains essential oils and colloidal silver (500 ppm).  It is
effective on cuts and scrapes, insect bites, and other irritations.

Colloidal Liquid Silver 
Coloidal silver is a natural antibiotic, antiviral ,and antiseptic. It can be used on
minor cuts or scrapes, for colds, indigestion, ear infections, and oral infections. 
This product contains 500 ppm and can be diluted with purified or distilled water.

Bach Flower Remedies can help you take control of the way you feel and get more out of life. Bach Original Flower Remedies
Developed by Edward Bach, a well-known London doctor and bacteriologist, homeopath, and researcher.  He believed that attitude of mind plays a vital role in maintaining health
and recovering from illness. Bach Original Flower Remedies are a natural way to manage your emotions, relax, and regain peace of mind. 

Natural 100% pure essential oils. We also can help you find that special one you are looking for. Essential Oils
Mix and match Soothers' essential oils for many useful combinations that create a wonderful natural fragrant environment in your home. You can put them in your bath, on your vacuum cleaner bag, and in garbage containers. 
Base-carriers dilute the intensity of the essential oils. Base Products / Carriers
Base products and Carriers may be used individually or mixed with essential oils. Base products are water, aloe vera gel, liquid deodorants, and Witch Hazel; carriers dilute the intensity of the essential oils.

Booklets loaded with a lot of information.

Aromatherapy Chart
This chart is loaded with information on Essential Oils and what they are good for, and how to use them with the correct carrier oils as well as other applications. 


The human sense of smell is amazing. It has been observed that certain aromas actually affect mental, emotional, and physical health. Used correctly, natural, pure essential oil scent can combat stress, ease pain, alleviate tension and much more.

The positive effects of certain olfactory stimulants have been shown to bring about measurable positive effects on the
limbic system and the brain—the seat of memory and emotion. Essential Oils have exceptional healing properties and
are absorbed both by smell and osmosis when applied on the skin via bath, carrier oils, creams, or lotions.

Soothers formulates holistic remedy products that apply to the body, mind, spirit and social aspects of life. Some of them are
hand crafted in cream and essential oil forms. Our products help soothe and much more. Our pure therapeutic grade essential
oil products are designed to soothe you (and your pets, too). 

Soothers brings you natural healing products in cream and oil from essential oils, tea, herbs, aromatherapy oils,
and pet remedies, and more. Contact us today for more details about our aromatherapy products and remedies.

(Essential oils can be harmful and even fatal to pets, do not apply them to your pets unless under the
supervision of a Certified Aromatherapist and / or Veterinarian.) Keep out of the reach of children.

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