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Soothers products are made in Littleton, Colorado USA
Phone Orders are Welcome
10:00 am - 5:00 pm - Mountain Time  
Closed Sunday & Monday
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Thank you for your wholesale inquiry.

We offer a wide variety of all-natural aromatherapy-formulated wellness products
for practitioners, therapists, health and wellness centers, and spas. We invite
your business to promote natural wellness by means of Soothers products.

To purchase Soothers items at wholesale send us your company name, complete
address, telephone number, and a copy of your state business sales tax license.

Phone Orders:

Denver Metro Area 303-788-1614
Toll Free 1-866-906-8750 or 1-877-267-0060

Order Desk

Hours are 10 AM to 4 PM Mountain Time
Monday - Friday 


For wholesale, we need your company name, complete address, telephone number, and a copy of your state business sales tax license Permit. (Every State's Sales Tax License is different.)

$50.00 Minimum for wholesale orders. 

"Will Call" wholesale orders minimum is $50.00 (no exceptions).

("Will Call" means that you will pick up your order to save shipping costs.)

All orders must be paid in advance and may take Five to Ten business days or more to process depending on the size of the order. (You are responsible for insurance, shipping and handling fees.)

State Sales Tax License
or Permit
Except for the States of
New Hampshire
and Oregon

Here is a Copy of the State of Colorado's Sales Tax License.

(No EIN Numbers will be accepted. EIN numbers are only for the IRS, not the State Sales Tax License Permits. The State Sales Tax License Permit is for the revenue generated by your retail for your state. Some cities are home-ruled and will expect you to file a license permit with them as well. The states of Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon do not have sales tax, so they don’t need to provide a State Sales Tax License; also, Canada, Hawaii, and maybe Puerto Rico might, depending on their situation.)

Samples for Wholesale:

Samples are the same price as retail.  We will provide the wholesale price of the items available along with the suggested retail prices.


All orders must be paid in advance. If you pay by check, the order will be shipped after your check has cleared.

(A $40.00 NSF check charge on all returned checks.)

We accept the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Money Orders.

Back Orders:

Out-of-stock items are automatically back-ordered. You will be notified before the transaction is finalized to prevent delays on product shipments.

Order Correction:

If you wish to make an order correction, please call us to ensure that the change is made.  If you send an email, be sure to put "order correction" in the subject line. (No Skype.)

 Terms for Wholesale
Shipping, Handling & Insurance



US Qualified orders are shipped USPS, FEDEX or UPS Ground, unless specified otherwise. You are responsible for all shipping, handling and insurance costs.  No third party shipping.

A 20% return charge, plus accrued shipping expenses will be charged to customers who reject, or are not available to accept, delivery.

 If a shipment is damaged, you must save all packaging and containers for damage inspection by the shipping company, and contact us immediately, in order to ensure that your interests are served and needs met.  It all depends upon your timely cooperation.

Canada shipments are shipped USPS, FEDEX or UPS.  You are responsible for taxes, the duty and customs fees on your end if
there are any.  

Canada orders of small to moderate size are shipped Express delivery unless specified, otherwise, economy delivery.

Canada orders will include a $10.00 Customs document fee. No third party shipping, that means no brokers, shippers, or containers.

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