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Hi Twink,

Thanks for answering my questions about tea bags earlier, it is a wonderful experience reading your profile!

I am really inspired by your story!

Thought I'd let you know!


Jenny Tai
Cross culture specialist and creative trainer. 8/14/2014


I just want to say that Twink’s formulated “Emotional Oils” are amazing. The combinations of her formulas are so wonderful and they really do work.

I was referred to her by a good friend of mine to have an “Essential Oil Analysis”.  With the passing of my Father then 9 months later my Mother. It was very difficult grieving them and going on day to day without feeling empty and alone. It is very hard to express the way you feel when both parents are gone and you can’t talk to them any more.

Twink was great in the words of kindness and hope she gave me in the words of God and of the verses in the Bible she gave me.
The essential oils that we went over for me to support my grief have been very comforting. I see things much better than I did before.

The essential oils are amazing in how they support your emotions. God makes some awesome stuff for us. We just need to see things more clearly the world is so full of negative energy.

Thank you for your blends of essential oils in your “Grief,” “Stress,” “Courage,” “Panic,” and, “Forgive” Blends. I bathe in them, I diffuse them in my house, and I carry them with me so I can smell them from time to time throughout the day. It is so amazing how the sense of smell has such an impact on our emotions.

Thank so much God Bless,

Melinda Grey
Centennial, Colorado

Dear Soothers (Twink),

You are always on my mind, heart and prayers. I say that to be true for the faithful friend that Twink's been to me.  You have shown
me what a true friend is when I had no one.  At my darkest hours, you gave me hope and shared your knowledge and your wonderful products with me when I had nothing.  I did not realize the hope you gave me when you shared your time and listened to my sorrows. 
You gave me the scriptures that I needed at my darkest hour.  I have a very hard time to accept the important things I need without
paying my way. I still have a very hard time, but God knows my needs and who is their for me when I am without. Your words of
wisdom and the hope and faith the Lord gives to you so gracefully fills hearts of many. Especially mine!
I love you,
Melissa G. 3/18/2014


I am so honored I got a chance to met the wonderful founder of this company on November 3rd 2012, at the Malley Center. I have already ordered products and enjoyed their amazing Energy Tea! I will be a customer for life! Thank you for all you do :-) !!!

Heather Hankel
Englwood, CO


Twink Conklin is the most compassionate, insightful and deeply committed healer I’ve ever met.  She can get to the heart of a health issue quite easily and is also a wonderful teacher.  She’s a wonderful Bach Flower Essence Remedies therapist too, the best I’ve met within my thirty years of healing and she’s the first person I turn to when I have a health issue of any kind.  I highly recommend Twink to anyone who needs healing, in any way, and on any level.  She’s truly a blessing.  

Teri Enroughty
Aurora, CO 

Reiki Teacher, Bach Remedies Therapist and Natural Medical Intuitive.  11/18/2013


I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your cream & oil remedy blends.

I am a massage therapist and I love all of your products. I use them on all of my clients. I love how you will customize certain products for me when I need them for a client.

I have this client that has edema very bad and your edema personalize formula that you made for her has really help heal her issue with it. I have her on a better food plan that is also aiding in her edema. Her ankles don’t get so swollen and her hands so much any more. I think in a few weeks we will have helped her kidneys balance themselves out.

Also the stress formula you suggested and formulated for her is working out so well for her. She tells me every time she comes in for her session that she has never felt so much better in a long time.

Your products Are so Awesome thanks’ again and I will continue to do business with you for all of my clients as well for myself and family.

God Bless you,

Candy Banks
Parker, Colorado

Dear Soothers,

I stumbled across your web site one late night and I purchased a small jar of your wart cream. I was skeptical because I have this wart that has been driving me crazy on my finger for 11 years. I have used all kinds of remedies and it is still there waving at me every day bugging me. I used your wart cream 3 times a day and it was gone in a week. I kept applying the cream on it for another week just to be sure it was gone for good.

It has been 4 months now and I can hardly believe it. It is till smooth. It is as if it was never even there. That stuff is amazing. You have made my life so much more easier. Now I'm not embarrassed of my hand any more. I love the smell of it. I never knew that there was essential oils and they have healing properties in them. Thank God you were out there for me to fine.

Tualatin, Oregon

Dear Soothers,

I have known Twink for 15 years now. She does my hair. When she was getting certified for Iridology and for her Aromatherapy back in 2002, she analyzed my eyes. At that time I was battling Osteo – arthritis in my left arm. I was using an ointment and a cream that my doctor prescribed and it didn’t really seem to be helping that much.

A few days later Twink called me and said that she had formulated an essential oil product that she would like for me to try and she made a cream and oil form just for me. I tried it for a week and oh my, I could hardly believe that essential oils had healing properties in them. I have never been so happy to feel so much relief. I have been using her “Joint Soothe Oil” now for 6 years and I’m afraid if I stop using it I will be in pain again.

I went to the doctor and he couldn’t believe how much my arm had been healing. I was afraid to tell him his medicine wasn’t working. So I told him I found and essential oil remedy and it is what I have been using for all this time. He was very amazed. He was very glad for me that I was healing and he said to keep doing what I have been doing. He said he believes in essential oils and they do work and he was very happy that I was healing fast. I love it so much I would love for anyone that has any kind of arthritis to try it. You would be so very amazed at what the “Joint Soothe Oil” can do.

God bless you and thank you,

Paula Johnsun
Englewood, Colorado

Dear Soothers on line,

I just love your
Diffuser Oils. I can just put a few drops on the pot on my stove or in my candle diffuser by me bed. I love how you have the remedy blends in your diffuser bottles. They are so wonderful. It saves me a lot of money and time on having to find and buy so many essential oils to get the combination you have made to make the aroma work so perfectly in your diffuser oils. I love how they smell all around my home. I even take them to work and my office always smells so wonderful. That is too cool. Thanks so much, you are a life saver.

Keara Shoffner

Midland, TX

Dear Soothers On-Line

Thank you for your wonderful, environmentally-safe products!  They smell good, they feel good, and they last for a long time!  I am so thankful that I found Soothers.  My favorite product is the Bruise Cream, since I bruise very easily, and this cream brings about a very quick healing response.  Keep it up.  I am going to tell everyone about your terrific products!

One Happy Grandmother
Inverness in the Tech Center, Denver

Dear Soothers,

I was looking on your web site and I saw that you have a bug repellent called "Pest Away." I was looking at several kinds on the Internet, and I saw that your spray has 18 essential oils. The others had only up to 4 or 5. So I bought your spray and I must say I was very impressed by the results. I was sitting at my patio table one late afternoon, and the flies were biting me. I ran in the house to get your "Pest Away". I sprayed it all over my clothes, my arms, legs and all over my sandals. I even sprayed my chair and part of the table and right away the bugs stopped getting at me.

“I went on a hike one day and I sprayed myself all over with "Pest Away." As I was walking on my hike I saw a mosquito swarm in the air about my head. I was so amazed to find that I didn't have a single bite anywhere.

This has been the best summer I have ever had with the protection of your "Pest Away" spray. You know what else is so cool about that spray? It smells good. You would think that the bugs would eat you alive, but they don't.  I think next year I will have my whole family stock up on it. We are going to Minnesota next summer, and I will really need it there for sure. Thank you for making such a great natural safe and good for you product.”


Vickie Towns

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Dear Soothers-on-line-




Your Soap is great. I am allergic to most ordinary soaps. I have very sensitive skin. I hated to shave because it looked like I had a bad case of acne. I can actually use your soap all over my body, and it makes my skin feel like skin again. I also have been using your Comfort Body Cream and I am delighted with the results. They both have changed my life. I can't get over how my skin feels. My girlfriend noticed that my skin is healing and looks wonderful. I feel like a new man. It doesn’t hurt to touch my face any more.  Where have you been all my life? Thank you! I will never use any other kind of soap or lotion. Your Soap and Body Cream are the best I have ever tried.

Los Angeles, CA

Dear Soothers,

The Bruise Free Oil is amazing. I am surprised on how quickly my toe healed after taking a terrible fall. The Doctor said that it should have been broken and that it would probably be a few months before I could wear a shoe. It isn't broken and a week later she couldn't believe how fast it was healing. These are pictures from the first two days from my fall. I used the Bruise Free Oil and Joint Soothe Oil on my toe right away.  As you will notice the picture on the right is showing the yellow stage in some places. I am very pleased with the result. I use the Bruise Free Oil and Joint Soothe Oil frequently on all my bruises and stiff joints. The Bruise Oil and Joint Soothe Oil smell great and I feel great.

Geneva Mock
Englewood, Colorado

Dear Soothers,

I have four children and when they are in school I have a very hard time for all of them to get to bed. They sometimes have insomnia and it seems that one or more doesn’t get good rest for the next day for School. I just want to say I wish I had your Nite Nite Oil a long time ago. Before bed, I rub their tummies with a small amount and then I rub their feet. By the time I visit all of their rooms the one I started on first is already sleeping. It is amazing. I love the smell and they do too. I'm so glad I came across your web site so very late one night looking for this very kind of product for my kids. Thank You for the Nite Nite Oil. I see you have Nite Nite Cream. I think I will try it next as well as your Nite Nite Tea for me.

Alice Huston Aurora, Colorado

Dear Soothers,

I had ankle surgery about a year ago and although the surgery was a great success, I was left with an ugly red three-inch-long swollen scar at the incision site that itches and burns.  I recently purchased a bottle of Soothers’ Scar Oil to try on my surgical scar.  It is WONDERFUL!  My scar no longer itches or burns and now appears less puffy and red.  I am so satisfied with the results on my surgical scar that I use it anytime I get a scratch or insect bite (I work in my garden frequently and get scratches and insect bites occasionally).  P.S. – It works wonders on dry elbows, knees, and knuckles too!  Soothers’ essential oils are ESSENTIAL to the healthy appearance of the now beautiful skin that I’m in!  Thank you and God bless you!

Roxane Grippon

Englewood, Colorado

Soothers products,

I have tried all kinds of wrinkle creams for many years. My girlfriends' face was so beautiful; I thought she had a chemical peel. She showed me your cream and said that it has made her so happy with the results to her neck and face. She looks so young. Her wrinkles seemed to have completely faded away. She let me take some home to try, and right away I could see results. And the neat thing about your product is that I can skip a day or two and my face still looks great. I have received a lot of compliments on my skin. It always used to be red, like it was irritated. This, too, has gone away.  Thank you for providing such an amazing product. Also, your staff was extremely helpful. I wish all businesses would treat their customers as you do, and I will recommend you to all my associates. Thanks again for your Smoother Cream. I can't wait to try your other products.

Debra Bennett New York, New York

Dear Soothers on line,

My aunt has her hair done at Twink's Star Cuts, and she bought some Zit Go Cream and Oil for me to try because my face is out of control. I have been using medicine that is very expensive and works for a while, but sometimes it doesn't work at all. My face hurts a lot. I have been using your products on my face and they have really helped a lot. Each day I use it, my face clears up a little bit more. I can hardly believe my eyes when I look in the mirror and see a normal looking face. I'm not embarrassed to go out any more, and not afraid of what people think of my face when they look at me. I'm so happy that my aunt sent me these products. I will use them always just to keep my face looking good. Thank you for making Blemish Cream and Blemish Oil

Debie Kraus
Sebastian, FL

Dear Soothers-on-line,

I went through the Aromatherapy Kit last night and I can't think of one detail that you missed, it is an awesome kit. The Aromatherapy Decoder Wheel Booklet is very handy-loaded with so much information. Out of all the information presented I had no idea about how the essential oil notes float in oil, how cool is that! The first recipe I will try is the first one listed with all three notes. IThank you again,

Laurie T.
Lakewood, Colorado

Dear Soothers on Line,

One night I was looking for essential oils on line and I was shocked on how expensive some Essential oils cost and I couldn't find some of them in just a quarter ounce size. I finally came across your site and I was so happy to see that I found them in a affordable eighth ounce size. Now I have all 20 of your oils and I didn't have to spend a fortune. Now I can use them in my diffusers. I just love them. Now I'm ready to buy your Aromatherapy Kit number 4. I think you have the coolest Aromatherapy kits I have ever seen.

Carrie Maston

Butte, Montana

Dear Soothers,

I am a college student, and I have a hard time concentrating when I do my homework. I start to get very sleepy and can't seem to stay awake. So I drank coffee to get through my homework. Then I can't sleep at night and the next day I am exhausted during my classes. My cousin sent me your Stay Alert Tea and Nite Nite Tea. I have tried both and now I have a solution to all my problems. I also tried your Herbal Soakers and they are wonderful. Your Nite Nite Mist and Stay Alert Mist also help when I go over to my friend's to study. I'm so glad you have great all natural products and they really do work.

G.M. Mocba
Boulder, CO

Dear Soothers On Line,

I have been going to Twink Conklin for an Iridology analyzation since 2002. I have had great progress with the regimens that she has recommended for me over the years. When she received her Aromatherapy certification I asked her to help me find a soap that I could use that won't break my skin out so badly. She designed soap for me and now she is selling it to the public. It has made my life so much more comfortable than in the past. I use a potato peeler to shave off pieces from the bar of soap into my bath water and it is wonderful. I can actually sit in the tub and relax and enjoy soaking without worrying about later if I will break out with a rash. I am so very happy that she was able to figure out how sensitive my skin is. The soap even has healed sores from other soaps I have used. I even use it in my laundry the same way by using a potato peeler to shave off pieces into the washing machine. All my clothes smell so good and I don't itch all day. It has been a long time since I noticed I don't itch myself during the day because of the laundry soaps I use to use. Especially my under garments were the worst when I would Itch. Thank you, Twink for starting Soothers. I wish the very best to you and your products. I have even used the Herbal Soaker. I have been enjoying baths as a way of stress release now. I never knew how therapeutic a bath can really be till Twink designed Body Soap.

God Bless you dear,
Leigh Ann Johnson
Aurora, Colorado

Dear Soother Products,

My sister gave me some of your lavender Lip Salve in my stocking for Christmas, and I must say it is so easy to get out of the container and glides over my lips. I have the lavender one and you can feel it work right away. I have had the best lips I have ever had in winter, than I have had in past years. Most chap sticks are so waxy and very hard. When I tried your Lavender Lip Salve, my lips were so chapped I was afraid it would hurt my lips. But I was very surprised. It went on so soft and so smooth. My lips are fabulous. They look like lips and not all peeled and chapped. Thank you so much you saved my lips. I am anxious to try your other products too.

Robin Storm
Lakewood, Colorado

Dear Soothers,

Twink has been doing my hair since 1989. She had told me that she was going to get certified in Aromatherapy. 
I had read a lot about Aromatherapy and always wondered how affective it would do on pets.  My poor Siberian Husky Bo Bo always gets real bad bug bites in the summer on her ears and I always have to go to the vet then spend a fortune for medicine. I always wanted to find an alternative treatment for my dog. So Twink came up with
a healing salve for Bo Bo. She made it from essential oils in a salve form. It smells good and it works real great. Bo Bo’s ears were healing faster than the vets’ medicine and most of all Bo Bo doesn’t try to rub it off after I put it on. That makes me feel like she likes it too. Her ears are so much better. In fact it looks like the scars are fading too.
I still put it on every day just once to keep those flies and mosquitoes away from her ears in the summer and it sure has been working. She is so happy and so am I.

Thanks for making the Healing Salve For Pets,
Brenda Henderson
Aurora, Co

 Dear Soothers;

I attended your Aromatherapy Techniques Workshop Class back in April 2010 in a private Class. I  really enjoyed your one on one class with me. I learned a lot and had a great time. I learned so much about Aromatherapy, Olfactory, Limbic System, Essential oils, Carriers and more. I had no idea that Essential Oils have so many healing properties in them and they do give results. I also had no idea that there is so much history on Essential oils and Aromatherapy. I think your Aromatherapy Kits are put together so well with the advantage of having refills for the kits. It was so wonderful to have learned all of that stuff. I am a certified Massage Therapist and know I am going to use essential oils on my clients. You are a great instructor. Thank you again for all you have to offer.

Castle Rock, Colorado

Dear Soothers;

I attended your Aromatherapy Techniques Workshop Class back in February 2009. I must say I had the best time. I learned so much about Aromatherapy. I had no Idea the difference between Essential Oils and and Fragrance Oils. I am so amazed on how Essential Oils have healing properties in them. I loved all the information on the history of Aromatherapy too. I think your Aromatherapy Kits are so awesome. You have thought of everything for the kit. Also what else was great to know, is that I can refill my kit as I use up oils and bottles with your Bottles, Essential Oils and Carrier Oils. Thanks for a wonderful experience.

Julie Price
Longmont, Colorado



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