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Diffusers emit the aroma of essential oils. Place 4 to 6 drops in a diffuser and let the essential oil scent fill the
room. The sinus cavities immediately absorb the benefits.  The inhalation process is superior to taking herbal supplements in capsule form, since a very small quantity goes a long way. Essential oils have certain natural balancing and healing effects. Upon  inhaling the diffused essential oils, the limbic system recognizes the pleasant scent, and the brain responds to it with feelings of relaxation, pleasure, happiness, and a sense of well being.

This Elegant Personal Touch Essential Oil Diffuser is "AWESOME"!

This is the first Personal essential oil diffuser that goes with you to
work, the gym, Shopping, Traveling, Bathrooms, Taxi’s Etc.…
anywhere you go day or night.

It delivers instant Healthful aromatherapy benefits in a fine cool mist
by flipping the switch on the right side and then press on the face of
the “Green Air” logo to turn it on and off holding it in an upright
position. Always shake well before turning it on. When you are not
using it lock the switch on the right side to prevent it from defusing

Fits just right in the palm of your hand like a mini cell phone. Takes
4 AAA batteries. Comes with a mixing bottle Alkanol or vodka to
clean it between different oils to keep clean and functioning properly.
Some essential oils will like Try to avoid Cinnamon, Clove and Citrus
Essential oils which may Cause damage and corrode the components.

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Orbis and Solum Diffusers

These elegant top-of-the-line state-of-the-art professional quality all-glass diffusers 
are a therapeutic grade ultrasonic nebulizer designed with you in mind. The diffuser
is made of glass and wood, requires no water, and does not use heat to create a
mist.  It vaporizes and immediately disperses the desired essential oil. The diffuser
atomizes the oil ultrasonically to provide the therapeutic effects of the essential oil.


Natural wood base design
Elegant Glass reservoir
No plastics
Needs “NO” water
Built-in Digital timer
Cold diffusing (heat free)
Cold ultrasonic nebulizing
One year Warranty 

Rinse by swishing the glass reservoir with rubbing alcohol until oils are dissolved, 
then pour out the alcohol. Repeat if necessary.  After the residue of alcohol
evaporates from the glass reservoir, it is ready to use.

The diffuser only works with 100% pure essential oil. Some essential oils contain carrier oils that will clog the diffuser's functionality. Check the label on every essential oil bottle and olny use 100% pure essential oil.

( It has a low to high speed and each cycle runs 3 times. It will run for nine minutes, then pause for 30  minutes, then repeats this same cycle twice more.  Then it shuts off. The cycle totals almost 90 minutes and shuts off until it is turned back on again. Before you turn it on, place 4 drops in the glass bottle, depending on how heavy the essential oil is.  The dimensions of the unit are about 10" high x 6"wide )

                                         "BPA FREE" (Plastic)


Ceramic Diffusers



Diffuse the pleasant aroma of Essential Oils
throughout your home or office with ceramic diffusers.

"BPA FREE" (Plastic)

Heavenly Scent Diffuser


-- Purifies the environment and minimizes airborne pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, animal
   dander, and mold spores.

-- Reduces effects of respiratory problems, colds, flu, hay fever, asthma, and allergies.

-- Creates a pleasant aromatherapy atmosphere and neutralizes most odors, including smoke and pet odors.

-- Alleviates symptoms such as Seasonal Affective Disorder, chronic fatigue, exhaustion, migraines,
headaches, sleeping problems, etc.

-- Improves mood and relieves depression.

-- Six settings with auto Shut-Off.

-- Size: 3.5" Wide x 8" High.

-- Comes with a one-year warenty, 
six refill cups, and a programmable timer.

Heavenly Scent Diffuser

Heavenly Scent Diffuser with 4 Essential
Oils in 45mm Vials:
Orange / Grapefruit / Eucalyptus / Lavender 

Heavenly Scent Diffuser with 9 Essential
Oils in 45mm Vials:
Cinnamon / Orange / Pine / Grapefruit / Sage / Peppermint Eucalyptus /Lavender /Lemongrass
6-Refill Cups Pack
"BPA FREE" (Plastic)

"Indulge In Every Day Comfort!"